Contact Lenses

Every day more and more people are discovering the benefits of wearing contact lenses. The type of lens you wear will vary according to your type of eyes, lifestyle and visual requirements.

There have been many great technological advances in the contact lens field in the last few years and in consequence of which we can now comfortably fit 95% of all our new patients who wish to try this exciting method of visual correction.

If you are considering trying out contact lenses for the first time or have worn them before but now want the latest more comfortable ones then why not contact our reception staff immediately for a no obligation trial. Our comprehensive eye examination as well as other specialist contact lens related tests are necessary first to ensure your suitability.

We will discuss all the options with you including, Daily Disposables, Monthly Disposables, Extended Wear (where you can leave the lenses safely in your eyes day AND night for up to 15 days at a time).

Whichever option you decide to have, you will be pleasantly surprised by our superb, friendly professionalism and of course the low prices.

Why not book a trial now and experience the difference contact lenses can make to your life?