Children Eye Care

It is really important that children have their eyes checked before they are 3 years old, because early detection of hidden eye problems is essential for effective treatment. Most children understandably are unaware of any eye problems, so it is up to the parents to ensure that their children receive regular and proper eye examinations. At this practice we prefer to offer children a comprehensive eye examination as early as possible so that they will get used to regular eye health checks as they grow up. This will also ensure that they perform their very best at school without eye strain. We have effectively tested and examined children as young as 6 months old. Parents will always sit with their children during the tests and there is no need to worry whether the child can read or not as we have sophisticated techniques and assured expertise to ensure the examination is productive and above all relaxing, fun and interesting for the child. The dedicated team ensures the practice is safe and child friendly.

Mr. Megafu has received specialist accreditation training for paediatric optometry.